Feeling a bit like Alice

oh dear what have we here A3

My left arm doesn’t quite belong to my left shoulder, and my neck seems to be rather a long way away from said shoulder.  My right hand feels as though it is hanging down floppy and low, and is not proving very biddable this morning.  And a late comer to the complaining body, my left knee…

Probably to do with digging out a ninety year old hedge. Had it been my own hedge, I think I might have left it well alone, minding its own business at the back of a wide and spiky herbaceous border, in front of  a new concrete fence. Having just read some wise words on dealing with fairies I’m not sure I’d mess with a hedge that old at all! Still needs must.  I bet some ancient privet pushes up under than oh so new fence and crooks it.

And all around, that harbinger of Spring: Lesser Celandine. A noxious and invasive weed in most gardens that have a gardener. I hear tiny giggles all around when I kneel down with a sigh and produce the Trowel Of Weeding. We’ll be back they say, you are only helping us to spread by distributing the tubercles, not to mention those 73 seeds per sunshine yellow flower.

“Lesser” Celandine indeed.  Once she gets going, she spreads, and if ingested, Celandine’s toxic protoanemonin, can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness or even paralysis. I do love a poisonous plant.

Fairy tale collage by Annie Taylor @whitstabletail


Maybe I shall find a story for my Celandine.  Or at least sew some into the Fairy GM’s tale. Scratch the surface of a fairytale, and a truth is lurking somewhere.  Take the poisoned apple of Snow White. Tucked inside those seeds, which as a child I was instructed never to swallow – and I digress here for I can remember worrying about a tree growing inside my belly with its branches reaching out of eyes and ears and nose and mouth – is Amygdalin.  A cyanide found to be dangerously toxic and potentially lethal. Something the old folk knew….

And as for Alice, nibbling this, taking a bite out of that. Losing touch with her knees, only to then be too closely acquainted with her toes. No wonder she was dazed and confused at times. Good job she did not munch on an unfamiliar Umbelliferae though, or we would have had noWonderland.

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